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            Paper-I          Foundation of Education                                                 100 Marks

            Paper-II        Research Methods and Statistics in Education                  100 Marks

            Paper-III       Curriculum Development                                                 100 Marks

            Paper-IV       Guidance and Counseling                                                100 Marks

            Paper-V         Measurement & Evaluation in Education                         100 Marks

            Paper-VI       Educational Administration & Supervision                       100 Marks

            Paper-VII      Modern Instructional Strategies                                      100 Marks

            Paper-VIII     Gender Education                                                          100 Marks

            Paper-  IX      Functional English                                                         50 Marks

            Paper- X        Research paper Writing                                                100 Marks

            TOTAL MARKS                                                                               950 MARKS 



The Research paper writing students should complete under the supervision of the assigned supervisors, finally the viva voce and presentation conduct by the department through Examination branch and external and internal examiners take the viva voce and presentations.



First Term      400 Marks

            1.         Advance Educational Psychology

            2.         Education in Pakistan

            3.         Educational Management

            4.         Educational Testing and Measurement

Second Term  500 Marks

            1.         Curriculum Development and Evaluation

            2.         Educational Technology

            3.         Techniques of Research

            4.         Guidance and Counseling

            5.         Research Paper and Presentation.

Third Term     400 Marks

            1.         Philosophy of Education

            2.         Teaching of Physical Sciences

            3.         Teaching of Biological Sciences

            4.         Teaching of English

            5.         Teaching of Pakistan Studies

Fourth Term   500 Marks

            1.         Computers in Education

            2.         Practice Teaching

            3.         Research Paper and Presentation.

            4.         Thesis, Presentation and Viva Voce


    The students of M.A. Education are required to prepare two research papers and its presentations on a topic approved by the respective supervisors during each academic year. In this way the total Marks of M.A. education Program will be 1800. The research paper and presentation carry 100 marks for each academic year.

Note: The Department of Education shall make necessary arrangements for the conduct of a course on Entrepreneurship for its M.Ed. and M.A. Education programs of studies in collaboration with the Institute of Management Sciences, Departments of Commerce and Economics for academic session 2008. The Language Center of the University will provide help to our M.Ed. and M.A. Education students for the preparation of  Test of English for International Communication.

 B.Ed (1 year) Program (Self Finance)

1.                     Perspectives of Education in Pakistan.                                                  100

2.                     Human Development and Learning.                                                      100

3.                     School Organization and Management.                                                 100

4.                      Evaluation and Guidance                                                                     100

5.                     Society, School and Teacher.                                                               100

6.                     Essay (paper)                                                                                      100

7.                     Two Special Methods Courses                                                             200     

8.                     Practice Teaching                                                                                 200

              Total                                                                                                   1000




    Each Student is required to teach 40 Practice Teaching lessons in an assigned school under the supervision of a faculty member. These lessons shall be taught in the subject areas of the Two Special Methods courses. It carries 200 marks (25% to be awarded by the supervisor of the Practice Teaching Program). The remaining 75% marks will be awarded by panel of the examiners on the basis of two final lessons at the end of Practice Teaching Program.



Science Students:

    The students having a degree of BSc / Bachelor of Engineering  / BSc Agriculture / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) / Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) / BS (Microbiology, Geology, Biotechnology) & D-Pharmacy can take admission in B.Ed one year program and their degrees consider as Science category. The details of the subjects are as under:



1.   English + Physics      (Bachelor of Engineering/ (BSc Mathematics and  Physics)                                                                     / BS (Geology)

2.   English + Mathematics

3.   Physics + Mathematics


1.   English + Biology       (BSc Biology & Chemistry /  BSc Agriculture DVM / BDS / MBBS /                                  D- Pharmacy,  BS (Microbiology, Geology, Biotechnology)

2.   English + Chemistry

3.   Biology + Chemistry  



Arts Students:

    The students having a degree of BA / BBA / B.Com / BSCS / BA Fine Arts can take admission in B.Ed one year program and their degrees consider as General Subjects. The details of the subjects are as under:


1.      English + Pakistan studies                BA / BBA / B.Com / BSCS / BA                                                

2.         English + Urdu



Semester: I     (Year I)


            Name of the Subject                          Nature of the Subject Credit Hours


1.           Functional English- I                                             Compulsory                             03

2.           Islamic Studies/ Ethics                                          Compulsory                             02

3.           Child Development                                               Foundation                              03

4.           Urdu/ Regional Languages                                    Content                                   03

5.           General Science                                                   Content                                   03

6.           General Methods of Teaching                               Foundation                              03


           Total Credit Hours in the Semester                                                                        17


Semester: II   (Year- I)


1.                  English II ( Communication Skills)                   Compulsory                              03

2.                  Computer Literacy                                            Compulsory                             03

3.                  Classroom Management                                   Foundation                               03

4.                  General mathematics                                         Compulsory                             03

5.                  Pakistan Studies                                               Compulsory                              02

6.                  Method of Teaching Islamic Studies                  Professional                              03


                        Total Credit Hours in the Semester                                                             17


Semester   : III   (Year- II)


1.                 Teaching Literacy Skills                                               Professional                  03

2.                  Arts, Crafts and Calligraphy                                        (Content)                      03

3.                   Teaching of Urdu/ regional Languages                         Professional                  03

4.                   Teaching of G. Science                                               Professional                  03

5.                   Instructional and Comm: Tech: ( ICT) in Education      Professional                  02

6.                   Teaching Practice                                                       Short Term                   03

    Total Credit Hours in the Semester                                                            17


Semester   : IV (Year- II)


1.                    Classroom Assessment                                             Foundation                   03

2.                     Teaching Of English                                                  Professional                  03

3.                     Teaching Of Mathematics                                         Professional                  03

4.                     School, Community and Teacher                              Foundation                    2+1

5.                     Teaching of Social Studies                                        Professional                  02

6.                      Teaching practice                                                                                         03

    Total Credit Hours in the Semester                                                           17



Semester   : V (Year- III)


1.                  English-III ( Tech: Writing & Presentation Skills)         Compulsory                              03

2.                  Foundations of Education                                  Foundation                               03

3.                  Content Course-I ( from selected Discipline-I)          Content                                    03

4.                  Content Course-I ( from selected Discipline-II)         Content                                    03

5.                  Curriculum Development                                   Foundation                               03

6.                  Educational Psychology                                    Foundation                               03

    Total Credit Hours in the Semester                                                             18


Semester   : VI (Year- III)


1.                   Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education            Professional                            03

2.                    Content Course-I I( from selected Discipline-I)        Content                                   03

3.                    Content Course-I I( from selected Discipline-II)       Content                                   03

4.                    Comparative Education                                     Professional                            03

5.                    Introduction to Guidance and Counseling           Professional                            03

    Total Credit Hours in the Semester                                                            15


Semester   : VII (Year- IV)


1.                    Content Course-III ( from selected Discipline-I)                   Content               03

2.                    Content Course-III ( from selected Discipline-II)                  Content               03

3.                    Pedagogy-I ( Methods of Teaching related Specialization-I)                             03

4.                    Pedagogy-II ( Methods of Teaching related Specialization-II)                          03

5.                    Research Methods in Education                                          Professional          03

6.                    Teaching Practice                                                                (Short Term)        03

    Total Credit Hours in the Semester                                                             18


Semester   : VIII (Year- IV)


1.                    School Management                                               Professional                      03

2.                     Test Development and Evaluation                           Professional                      03

3.                      Teaching Practice                                                  Long Term                        06

4.                      Research Project                                                   Professional                      03

Total Credit Hours in the Semester                                                             15


              Grand Total Credit Hours                                                                                     134



 The Department is following the Syllabi and Courses recommended by Higher Education Commission.

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